List your property

Do you want to sell your property in the Costa Smeralda? Would you like to rent it and turn your outgoings into income? Leave it up to us: we offer maximum flexibility and can meet all your needs, handling all aspects of your home, from maintenance to rent. You can depend on our professional, efficient and above all profitable service, and you won’t have a care in the world.

We have developed an innovative business model which allows you to use your real estate during times when you’re not using your home, by offering it for rent to tourists from around the world.

We promote property, handle requests and leases, welcome guests, and provide assistance, maintenance, repair, care of the gardens and the pool…So a ‘locked’ property can start to generate income again, with reduced operating costs. And you are free to change your mind whenever you want.

Contact us: it’s never too late to start a new business!