G5HOMES, consistent with the standard that only professional operators can offer, has promptly prepared, in collaboration with its partner companies of cleaning services, a plan of sanitation and thorough cleaning of all villas and apartments under management and some operational measures designed to eliminate the risk of infection and ensure maximum peace of mind for travelers.

Here is the detail of what this is about:

1. All staff are equipped with specific personal protective equipment, such as FFP2 respiratory filters, clothing with long sleeves, cuffs and gloves.

2. Dirty laundry is collected in closed containers and clean laundry is delivered by industrial laundries that process high temperature fabrics to kill any type of pathogen.

3. The staff use the appropriate 70% ethanol-based products, which are more disinfectant for the decontamination of inanimate surfaces. Bleach is also used in bathrooms and areas where possible.

4. A general washing of all dishes is done at each check-out. Washing the surfaces of the apartments with ethanol and bleach makes it impossible to any viruses to survive, the transmission of which would however be considered extremely unlikely through objects.